For industry

AgroTeamConsulting offers the producers of technical means for agriculture the opportunity to enter the Italian market as well as some foreign markets by providing:
– market analysis;
– contacts with Producer Associations and agricultural companies who are leaders in their sector;
– contacts with national and local distributors;
– preparation of technical and marketing documentation, planning of advertising campaigns;
– management of demo fields;
– organisation of meetings and conferences.

Some of the sectors in which AgroTeamConsulting operates: nurseries, irrigation, plant protection, fertilization, equipment, innovative solutions for agriculture, etc.

For companies in the agrochemical sector.
Preparation of dossiers for the registration of plant protection products according to European regulation:

– verification of the completeness of the available data in agreement with the relevant Authorities;
– entrusting and coordination of toxicological, and ecotoxicological studies to accredited laboratories;
– entrusting and coordination of efficacy and residues evaluation tests to CROs and laboratories operating under GEP and GLP in the whole of Italy;
– analysis of the results and preparation of both the agronomic evaluation and toxicological and environmental risk assessment, in cooperation with experts in the field;
– preparation of labels and technical sheets;
– maintaining contact with the competent Authorities until the end of the registration process.