Giulio Schreiber

Date of birth: 11/11/1959
Degree in Agricultural Sciences, Turin University (Italy).
1987-1993: coordinator of IPM programs in a public research station.
1994-2006: coordinator of GEP and GLP field studies in Northern and Southern Italy as consultant of SAGEA Centro di Saggio S.r.l..

Technical coordination

Ivano Scapin

Date of birth: 9/3/1950
Degree in Agricultural Sciences, Turin University (Northern Italy).
1975-1979: appointed to the plant care of ornamentals and forest trees of the city of Turin.
1979-2000: coordinator of Plant pathology Division of the Piedmont Region Phytosanitary Service.
1988-2005: member of Advisory Board for agrochemical products authorization within the Department of Public Safety.
2000-2007: head of  Phytosanitary Service for Piedmont Region. Expert of plant care of ornamentals, forest trees, grapevine, vegetable and cereal crops.

Silvio Pellegrino

1983 – Degree in Agricultural Sciences, Turin University, Italy. Member of the National Agronomist engineers Register.
1984-2001 – Head of fruit crop Experimental Station at Piedmontese fruit growers Association.
1998-2003 – Professor of Fruit Quality at Turin University.
2002-2017 – Scientific Director of CReSO – Fruit Research Institute and – since 2015 – of Agrion Foundation (Agriculture research & innovation). He has focused on R&D in fruit crops such as: apples, peaches, kiwis, apricots, cherries, blueberry, as well as hazelnuts, walnuts and chestnuts. Main topics: new varieties test and breeding, new crop systems designing, fertilisation irrigation and pruning, pest management and sustainable plant protection, quality sensors and post-harvest.
Since 2018 – Consultant both to Agri-food companies and growers on new product development, agri-food chains establishment, production specifications, business plans, high density fruit crop systems planning and management.

Gianluigi Camera

Date of birth: 07/06/1956
Degree in Agricultural Sciences, Milan University (Italy).
1984-2002: international marketing and sales experience in agrochemicals and fertilizers.
2002-2008: free lance, marketing and commercial advisor and consultant in the post harvest and fertilizers in Italy and International.

Alberto Schiaparelli

Date of birth: 21/12/1946
Degree in Agricultural Sciences, Turin University (Italy).
1972-2004: Product Manager in agrochemical companies and technical expert of plant growth regulators, biostimulants and pheromones.
Responsible for technical and promotional documentation on agrochemicals, in the Marketing Department.